Perl/CPAN v. Ruby ?

Mike Stok mike at
Wed Mar 8 11:41:17 GMT 2006

On 8-Mar-06, at 4:23 AM, Stephen Collyer wrote:

> Does anyone know of any web-accessible comparisons of (or
> have any personal experience of) development in Ruby and Perl.
> I'm particularly interested in how far a Perl person would get
> in Ruby before starting to pine for CPAN.

It depends what you are doing.

There is quite a bundle of stuff on rubyforge ( http:// )  Most of the modules I use in Perl are centred aroud  
databases and web templating, so I'm quite happy with the  
ActiveRecord chunk of Rails and for what I do for fun.

If you know the good bits of CPAN well, and use them frequently then  
you are liable to think in terms of "I could do this with XXXX from  
CPAN in no time", and then start pining for CPAN quickly if some  
equivalent is lacking.



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