TT on teh 1rc

Greg McCarroll greg at
Thu Mar 16 20:30:33 GMT 2006

On 16 Mar 2006, at 20:14, Matt S Trout wrote:

>> That sounds like a silly idea, let's migrate the list to some Mailing
>> List Manager that might be written in Perl, it might cause the people
>> who look after the list to actually do some hacking.
> Thus almost inevitably causing Randal to find a new peeve when  
> we've *just* got him to agree to shut up about the old one.

Wether that would happen or not is of course debatable, however If we
do move to Siesta, I propose a new rule - If you whine about a technical
mailing list problem you are obligated to create an adequate plugin  
or patch
for Siesta to fix your concern. If you do not endeavor to do so you will
be unsubbed. People around this list will of course help you to  
Siesta to such a degree that this achievable for any reasonable level of
Perl knowledge.


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