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Thu Mar 16 20:32:43 GMT 2006

Nigel Rantor wrote:
> David Cantrell wrote:
>> Ay Bee Sea Dee goldfish
>> Sea Dee Em En Oh goldfish
>> Ess Tee Are goldfish Sea Dee Bee Dee Eye
>> Still makes no fucking sense at all.
> Nope, here either.

Two people, Abie, and Seedy.

Seedy says, "Abie see the goldfish?"   ("dee" for "the", as is common in the
Abie says, "Seedy, them ain't no goldfish."  ("'em ain' no")
Seedy says, "Yes they are goldfish, see the beady eye?"  ("tee" for "they",
again as in the Caribbean.)

>>>C D B
>>>D B S A B Z B.
>> Sea Dee Bee
>> Dee Bee Ess Ay Bee Zed Bee
>> Nope, that makes no sense either.

See the bee.  The bee is a busy bee.

Granted, i could understand what she was saying in Nell without subtitles...

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