[ANNOUNCE] [REMINDER] Technical Meeting tonight - REMEMBER TO SIGNUP

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Thu Mar 23 14:13:38 GMT 2006

Pedro Figueiredo:
> i'm in oxford circus, leaving office between 5:30-6:00. we could meet  
> somewhere?

I'll be meeting the other Simon at 4, maybe we'll club together for dinner.
Email me off-list with phone numbers, anyone who would be interesting.
Uh, interested. And interesting, of course.

> not at the office, but foyles in charing cross road has free wifi in  
> the 1st floor cafe'.

Hell, Starbucks has free wifi if you mumble mumble mumble... It's not very
reliable but it's good enough.

> also, if you still need crash space, you can stay at my flat, hope  
> the experience wasn't too bad last time :)

Thanks, but Leo has heroically offered me some space already. I like to
spread my imposition around...

"The bad reputation UNIX has gotten is totally undeserved, laid on by people
 who don't understand, who have not gotten in there and tried anything."
-- Jim Joyce, former computer science lecturer at the University of California

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