Tech Talks online - Re: What's Wrong With ORM

Simon Wistow simon at
Fri Mar 24 12:11:27 GMT 2006

I've updated the tech talks page to contain links to all the slides 
(where available)

Tom Hukins notes that the version of his slides up there is a bit buggy
and he'll send me a fix and a pdf version soon.

Finally, thanks to Dean for organising everything, Fotango for hosting 
(and being generally wonderful) and, of course, the speakers themselves. 
Cos they rock.

Dean is already plotting another tech meet so if you have something you 
think people would be interested in (and don't be shy about this - we've 
had talks on everything from Folk Songs, East Enders, and Law to arcane 
network protocols and minutae of the perl guts) then give him or me a 



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