What's Wrong With ORM

Matt S Trout dbix-class at trout.me.uk
Fri Mar 24 14:17:38 GMT 2006

Dave Cross wrote:
> Slides from tonight's little rant are online at
>   http://dave.org.uk/talks/lpm/2006/orm/
> Enjoy,

Very nice - although DBIx::Class got over the class-is-table design mistake 
some time ago, and maintains an object per table which happens to be 
accessible via classmethod proxies from the record for those of us still 
suffering from Class::DBI brain damage,

As for the "your metadata is already there" parts, I couldn't agree more - 
hence why we're natively hooked up to SQL::Translator both ways and working 
hard at making that smarter and more transparent.

Once DBIC 0.06 is released on Saturday (with the addition of HAVING support 
and has_many prefetch) we're planning to get a discussion going about what 
feature set people really want to see and try and lay out a roadmap to 1.0, so 
  anybody who wants to throw in their UKP0.02 on what they think a next-gen 
perl5 ORM should be like should get on there and join in (and anybody who 
doesn't want to subscribe is welcome to kick me and get their posts approved). 
Mailman page is http://lists.rawmode.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/dbix-class

(and no, I don't think DBIx::Class is the answer to everything - ORMs are 
always going to be a square peg/round hole problem and no solution is going to 
be suitable for every situation. But it does do its best to give you a bigger 
hammer :)

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