Request for Experiences - Dell Inspiron 630M

Jacqui Caren jacqui.caren at
Sat Mar 25 17:34:29 GMT 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> plus any general comments about Dell and/or suggestions for other good 
> circa 500 quid laptops would be appreciated.

My acer lappie (2350) from staples (we northern bastids dont have 
plastic) was 399 and is bog standard from the shop. It was originally 
bought to run ErWIn and openoffice, but I have used it for all sorts 
snce then (including as a portable PVR) and it have yet to let me down.

Ok it is a tad wimpy and heavy but as a cheap word processor that runs 
postgresql, carries 24Gig of audio books and Cleopatra2025 series1+2 I 
cannot complain :-)

FYI: I only hear complaints from customers about dell kit.


p.s. 1yr+ and still waiting for my first pixel dropout :-)

p.s. If you can wangle ~700UKP aldi are selling a noname lappie
with a one year no quibble money back guarantee. In this case you can buy, try for a month or
two (or more) and decide you don;t like it and get you moolah back.

Thier kit is a bit high price for my tastes but we have bough
GPS and other electrical goodies there and have yet to have
a real problem.

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