monday morning pick me up

Simon Wistow simon at
Mon Apr 3 10:07:01 BST 2006

I should know better than to bait the monkeys this early in the week but 
I'm hoping (hah!) that there might be some interesting discussion over 
this. Plus I'm bored.

I'm hoping that people who don't usually post to the list might respond 
- the views of a vocal minority (with 700+ people subbed the 30-60 odd 
people who post most are very much in the minority) are pretty well 
known already and are therefore not that interesting (in this context 

It stems in part from Adam Kennedy's semi-serious manifesto about the
Perl foundation.
So I'm interested to hear from the non-vocal majority, especially those 
involved doing Perl in an otherwise non programming business.

1. Do you think your company would pay to become more involved in Perl? 
Do you think they want you (them) to be more involved in Perl at all?

2. Do you feel that the TPF and the Perl 'cabal' is too US centric? Note 
I'm not criticising the sterling work the TPF does, just trying to guage 
the vox populi.

And a different note.

3. I've had lots of mail about having problems hiring good Perl people. 
Either as someone trying to get a job or someone trying to hire - what 
have been your problems? 

Would people be interested in a talk on this subject at a tech meet?

Please feel free to reply off list if that makes you more comfortable. 
If not, please try and keep it civilised.


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