monday morning pick me up

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Mon Apr 3 12:25:15 BST 2006

> It stems in part from Adam Kennedy's semi-serious manifesto about the
> Perl foundation.

I think it's good to see some $$$$ figures mentioned in a TPF manifesto. 
"Free software" is great, but wouldn't it be better if the TPF could pay 
for ...

 	* more Nick Clarks, Damian Conways, Audrey Tangs etc?
 	* a "summer of code" competition
 	* sponsored hackathons etc.
 	* more marketing, PR etc.

Some of Adam's manifesto relies on future products (i.e., ideas market 
etc) and I'm not sure if these products could bring in the $$$$?

But there is a product that the TPF has now which I'm not sure is being 
used to its full commercial potential - the trade mark to Perl(tm)?

I would like to see an incoming TPF president make the most of the trade 
mark potential of "Perl".

For example, is O'Reilly paying anything for ""? How about 
ActiveState, GeekCruise etc?

All these companies make $$$$$ out of their association with Perl - but 
what do they pay for it?

The TPF should add to its existing set of trade marks (e.g., TMTOWTDI, 
perl, cpan etc) and actively licence these new trade marks to industry 
(e.g., powered by Perl(tm), Pure Perl(tm), Official Perl Author(tm)) etc.

Sun has made mega-bucks out of licensing the brand for Java(tm) and 
there's no reason why Perl can't be canny here too.

I think the TPF should be more active in standing up for Perl's IP for the 
good of the community.


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