monday morning pick me up

Ben Evans ben at
Mon Apr 3 11:48:36 BST 2006

On Mon, Apr 03, 2006 at 10:07:01AM +0100, Simon Wistow wrote:
> 3. I've had lots of mail about having problems hiring good Perl people. 
> Either as someone trying to get a job or someone trying to hire - what 
> have been your problems? 

This is directly relevant to me at present. I'm currently trying to hire
someone for my old job - and it's not been very easy.

Perl is a big part of it, but it's very far from being the only tech in
use, and some of the people I've talked to about it have tended to have
a very inflexible attitude to technology - focusing on how the work will
be accomplished, rather than the actual tasks.

Anyway, with the rant over, if anyone is interested - it's an application
engineering role in a large investment bank. I've been very happy with 
the role and the team and can heartily recommend it. I didn't have any
prior financial experience when I came here, but anyone interested should
have 7+ years of either development or sysadmin experience.

Contact me offline for more details if interested.


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