monday morning pick me up

Nigel Hamilton nigel at
Mon Apr 3 16:29:22 BST 2006

>> So my broader point is moot, then?
> Well, given you demonstrate complete ignorance about how retail trade works
> I regret that I have to assume that your grasp on the reality of everything
> else is about as good.

Thanks for that. :-(

This kind of remark is the other reason why Perl has a problem. I'm trying 
to offer my best ideas on how the TPF can be improved - and all you can 
offer is a crude attempt to trivialise my point and a personal insult.

I'm going to say it again for those members of the list who know that my 
grasp of reality is perfectly fine.

* The TPF can better commercialise the "Perl" trade mark(s) for the good of the community.
* O'Reilly publishers are just one of many potential commercial partnership opportunities.
* Java(tm) is a good case study for the revenue potential here.


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