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Struan Donald lpm at
Mon Apr 3 16:44:29 BST 2006

* at 03/04 16:29 +0100 Nigel Hamilton said:
> I'm going to say it again for those members of the list who know that my 
> grasp of reality is perfectly fine.
> * The TPF can better commercialise the "Perl" trade mark(s) for the good of 
> the community.

How? It seems to me that if the TPF decided on this route it'd have
to spend a lot of time policing the use of the Perl trade marks
rather than doing anything useful. On top of which I fail to see how
this would really help the community or Perl. Look at the general
reaction of geeks to people enforcing trademarks. I imagine you'd get
a lot of people who'd stop using Perl on various 'moral' grounds.

Plus the whole thing seems kind of antithetical to the whole Perl
ethos. Or at least as I see it.

> * O'Reilly publishers are just one of many potential commercial partnership 
> opportunities.

And O'Reilly own the trademark of the camel in association with Perl
and as far as I can see are pretty generous in allowing people to use

Not to mention the general job they've done of being a cheerleader
for Perl over the years. 

> * Java(tm) is a good case study for the revenue potential here.

I'll have to take your word on that. 

Essentially I can sum up my problem with your argument thus:

"It's time to monetize Perl"


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