What TPF should do

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Mon Apr 3 17:29:58 BST 2006

Talk is cheap.

I've only been watching a bit of this conversation, but I'd like to  
say that all of this flappin' about "what TPF should do" is real easy  
to talk about, and blow some time on a mailing list, but without the  
people to actually do things, it's just empty wind.

We've already got plenty to do as it is.  Anyone want to help me  
write press releases?  Who wants to help organize YAPC::NA?  Who  
wants to help with Ovid's "perceptions of Perl" project to make Perl  
more palatable to Big Business?   Who's helping answer the mail that  
gets sent in to perl.org?

I'm completely serious.

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