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Luis Motta Campos monsieur_champs at
Tue Apr 4 10:54:53 BST 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> I should know better than to bait the monkeys this early in the week but 
> I'm hoping (hah!) that there might be some interesting discussion over 
> this. Plus I'm bored.
> I'm hoping that people who don't usually post to the list might respond 
> - the views of a vocal minority (with 700+ people subbed the 30-60 odd 
> people who post most are very much in the minority) are pretty well 
> known already and are therefore not that interesting (in this context 
> anyway).
> It stems in part from Adam Kennedy's semi-serious manifesto about the
> Perl foundation.
> So I'm interested to hear from the non-vocal majority, especially those 
> involved doing Perl in an otherwise non programming business.
> 1. Do you think your company would pay to become more involved in Perl? 


> Do you think they want you (them) to be more involved in Perl at all?


> 2. Do you feel that the TPF and the Perl 'cabal' is too US centric? Note 
> I'm not criticising the sterling work the TPF does, just trying to guage 
> the vox populi.

   Yes. There are so few resources and attention turned out of US that 
it  looks like they're ignoring the rest of the world... or something 
like this.

> And a different note.
> 3. I've had lots of mail about having problems hiring good Perl people. 
> Either as someone trying to get a job or someone trying to hire - what 
> have been your problems? 

   I had both problems when working at Brazil. There are so few jobs 
using perl that I almost beg for employment sometimes.

   On the other side, I had a big project using perl that was aborted 
because we can't find and hire enough perl programmers.

> Would people be interested in a talk on this subject at a tech meet?

   Yeah, kind of. I'm at Lisbon and unable to come for a tech meet right 
now. But the slides and a small paper on the subject sounds good to me 
:-) it's an interesting toppic, IMHO.

> Please feel free to reply off list if that makes you more comfortable. 
> If not, please try and keep it civilised.

   I confess. I'm just answered this because you wrote the email. ;-)
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