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Some info from a foodie friend... If this isn't enough the mysterious
and highly talented Gian (aka Dr Cheese) can be contacted.


Neals yard? They sell a variety of not strictly cheese diary products. their
double cream is amazing- takes abut 15 seconds to whip up..

Does it have to be gouda? if not, Neals yard does a lovely cheese v  similar to
gouda- it's irish actually- Coolea very very good.

if it's for poutine making, then would suggest he go find gian, but curds are
hard to come by- usually sell actually made cheeses.

incidentally, neal's yard also do a dish similar to poutine on saturdays-
melted montgomery cheddar cheese on new potatoes (boiled, not fried) ABSOLUTELY
delish. but maybe your friend spotted a gap in (borough market). Have had
canadian friends rave about poutine before but never had it. chips gravy and
cheese.. almost a northern thing, no?

On 4/6/06, Paul Makepeace wrote:

    E - any ideas on this? I don't have Gian's email address for some

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    On Wed, Apr 05, 2006 at 05:35:20PM +0100, Steve Purkis said:
    > FWIW, while the 'poutine' the Maple Leaf offers is good, it is by no
    > way comparable to the kind of poutine you'd get at Le Stop

    This is true - if anybody knows where to get Gouda cheese curds in the
    UK then I will be eternally grateful.

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