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Thu Apr 6 18:11:03 BST 2006

Uri Guttman wrote:

> i have had curds at a major cheddar plant in oregon (tillamook, awful
> bad boring cheese) and it was flavorless and very oddly textured. it was
> chewy and made squeaky noises when chewed. the pressing, salting,
> culturing, aging all make that into actual cheese.

Cheese curds are best experienced deep fried. The Minnesota State Fair 
is noted for cheese curds, and quite few restaurants do them in addition 
to or instead of mozzarella sticks (oh, deep fried cheese heaven).

According to the Culver's[0] web site's nutritional information 
calculator[1], one 191g (no more, no less) serving of cheese curds 
contains 125% (25g) of your saturated fat intake for the day. How handy.

Hungry now.


[0] Fastish food restaurant that does cheese curds as a side order.
[1] <>

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