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  JB> On Thu, Apr 06, 2006 at 04:18:06PM +0100, Dirk Koopman wrote:
  >> I dunno what Gouda curls are, but you can get various types of Gouda via
  >> mail order from:

  JB> "curds" are the solid matter in milk. the fats and proteins left after
  JB> you separate milk and then discard the whey.

  JB> I think in these terms it means the unpressed young cheese, which is
  JB> compacted to form a solid cheese. I would guess the texture as being
  JB> similar to Stilton but obviously without the mouldiness.

i have had curds at a major cheddar plant in oregon (tillamook, awful
bad boring cheese) and it was flavorless and very oddly textured. it was
chewy and made squeaky noises when chewed. the pressing, salting,
culturing, aging all make that into actual cheese.

i have seen food shows which show you how to buy mozzarella curds which
you can take home and knead in hot salty water to make your own fresh

i am not sure how different the curds are for different cheeses but i
imagine they are much more similar than the cheeses themselves. the milk
source (animal and quality) will affect things then as well. curds are
just made by adding rennet (or similar) enzymes to mild and heating it a
bit. lumps form and are screened out. the rest is very cheese specific.


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