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Fri Apr 7 00:13:35 BST 2006

>>>>> "DH" == Dave Hodgkinson <davehodg at> writes:

  DH> On 6 Apr 2006, at 17:06, James A. Duncan wrote:
  >> They are actually more rubbery.  To hold it in your hand they feel
  >> quite rubbery.  But you can separate them in the same way you can
  >> separate those processed cheese string things.  My only complaint
  >> about Cheese Curd is that it squeaks against your teeth as you bite
  >> through it.
  >> odd stuff really.

  DH> Much like paneer?

not at all IMO. when i have paneer it is soft and more like tofu in
texture and flavor (that is little flavor). curds are rubbery and bland
to an extreme. and the squeakiness when chewed is the wierdest
part. curds are just like dairy rubber.


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