[ANNOUNCE] [REMINDER] Social Tonight - The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

Chris Devers cdevers at pobox.com
Fri Apr 7 04:25:41 BST 2006

On 6 Apr 2006, at 12:45 PM, Paul Makepeace wrote:

> Je 2006-04-06 17:21:43 +0100, candace skribis:
>> Canadians *do* dislike being taken for Americans, though.  They're  
>> pretty
>> easy to tell apart.  The loud obnoxious one is the American, and  
>> the quiet
>> one in the flannel is the Canadian. ;)
> I have a particularly loud Canadian sitting about 8' from me.

I work with one. Charming fellow. His English is startlingly  
impeccable, as if
he grew up speaking it, and he even manages to use the other four  
vowels, eh?

Little known fact: the traditional form of greeting among Canadians  
is to extend
your arm heartily upwards, with the palm facing you and all fingers  
curled down,
save the third, which points straight and tall like a maple tree.  
Apparently this
is how Canadians greet each other at home, and recognize each other  
abroad. Or
so my co-worker tells me, and Canadians are of course known for their  

I plan to show off this new example of my cultural awareness  
extensively the next
time I get a chance to visit the great state of Canadia. You should,  

Chris Devers

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