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Tue Apr 18 11:02:50 BST 2006

On 18 Apr 2006, at 10:40, Jurgen Pletinckx wrote:

> Right. This is a 'do my homework' question - apologies all.
> I'm really clueless about Macs. A client of $JOB appears to
> work from a Mac (as based on his mail agent being Microsoft
> Entourage), and is not incredibly technical. He should access
> an sftp server (ftp/ssh2). I would point him toward Filezilla,
> or possibly Core-FTP Lite if it were Windows.
> A quick Google shows several options, none of which I can assess.
> Rbrowser and Fugu - free and shiny.
> Fetch - free for educational use, which applies here.
> Transmit - shiny but not Free.
> MacSFTP - development appears to have stopped. Also, commercial.
> Any preferences? Thoughts? Amusing duck stories? Thanks!

Given that you said the 'd' word, I'd have to mention <http://> - also Free and shiny.

Personally I've used Interarchy since, well, forever, but that's most  
definitely non-free (with the usual 30-day evaluation thing).

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