[londonperl] [OT] Linux-worthy laptop recommendations

Robert Rothenberg robrwo at gmail.com
Wed May 3 20:40:05 BST 2006

I heard Lenovo discontinued the ThinkPad line, and I'm unsure if the 3000
series (successor to ThinkPad?) measures up. Reviews seem ambivalent, which
I can live with. Anyone have experience with them?

On 05/03/2006 06:35 PM David Alban wrote:
> I just went mac (love my new mac laptop) but before I did, I had a
> Thinkpad on which I ran suse, red hat, and fedora at one time or
> another.  I got it in 2000 and other than replacing the hard drive
> multiple times, never had any problem with it until a month ago when
> the motherboard died.  If I hadn't decided to go with a mac laptop I
> would probably have bought another Thinkpad.

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