Perl API to Lucene

Simon Cozens simon at
Fri May 5 09:50:49 BST 2006

Robert Rothenberg:
> If it can run on platforms that Plucene cannot, then that is a benefit in
> itself. (Plucence is one of those modules that I've never been able to get
> to run on any platform I've used--Windows, Cygwin, or Linux.)
I've run Plucene with no modifications on all three. (Indeed, a recent gig I
had was setting up a Plucene-based web site on Windows, and it worked first
time in only two hours setup.) Yes, I was quite surprised as well.

Maybe the problems you've had were not Plucene's fault. ;)

"In the face of entropy and nothingness, you kind of have to pretend it's not
there if you want to keep writing good code."  -- Karl Lehenbauer

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