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the hatter at
Wed May 10 13:39:31 BST 2006

On Wed, 10 May 2006, Pedro Figueiredo wrote:

> and while we're on the subject of knee-jerk reactions, i wonder what
> you'd have said if the blurb read something like "in $weekend we're
> getting together on $venue to meet people, exchange ideas and
> generally have a good time", and it wasn't named barcamp.

But is is named bar camp, something they chose to do, and something that
places an expectation on what the event will be and who it attracts.  If
it was called the national flyfishing convention, you'd have different
expectations, and the event would be very different for it.

I wasn't invited to foo camp, it does sound like the sort of community
event that is beneficial though, a known-bright contingent invited to get
to know each other better, rather than specific other agenda.  Any news of
interesting things to have spawned from it ?

the hatter

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