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Peter Corlett abuse at
Sun May 21 00:29:58 BST 2006

Mike Stok <mike at> wrote:
> On 20-May-06, at 7:06 PM, Dave Hodgkinson wrote:
>> I still wonder what a 3.2GHz 6502 would run like.
> Lots faster than a 1MHz one :-) And lots faster than any 3.2GHz whose
> number starts with 8!

... although you wouldn't get the performance until you'd basically replaced
the ISA with something completely different but still held back with legacy
6502 and 65816 support. So the question is, is it really a 3.2GHz 6502?

It would be an interesting waste of a few hours to take the 65816 ISA and
design a backwards-compatible 32 bit version (and possibly implement an
emulator then port Linux to it.) And then take *that* and create a
backwards-compatible 64 bit version.

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