DNS services

Nic Gibson nicg at noslogan.org
Tue May 23 09:56:03 BST 2006

On May 23, 2006, at 09:30, Simon Wistow wrote:

> Despite having a computing degree from one of the finest (if not
> funnest) universities on the planet, 10 years worth of professional
> computing experience and 12 more years than that of what I like to  
> call
> $other_experience - despite all this and despite having written  
> code for
> everything from Fujitsu AP3000s to PICs to Dragonball Arms to Quad  
> Xeon
> Machines, despite all this ...
> DNS just doesn't do it for me.

Do you actually need to be able to configure things yourself? And do  
you need dynamic dyn's special features (you, like being, well,  

If not, there are certainly people here running a fair bit of dns off  
of ourshack.com (me, Simon Wilcox, Andy Wardley, ...) who could/would  
set up dns for you.

Reverses are harder as they need to be done by the 'owner' of the IP  
range you have have (one reason why blackcat are my ISP)



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