DNS services

Dave Cross dave at dave.org.uk
Tue May 23 10:44:09 BST 2006

Quoting Simon Wistow <simon at thegestalt.org>:

> Does anyone else provide a similar service. Note here that my aim is to
> remove the burden of running a DNS server and so suggestions to switch
> to DJBDNS, Stanford::DNS or any other system will result in a painful
> walrus assisted death (and don't think I can't get hold of a large
> marine mammal at short notice, I have and odd collection of friends).
> This also precludes DNS hosting services that are nothing more than a
> text field which allows me to update a Bind config file - I want
> practically drool proof hosting that sets up the right SOAs, CNAMES,
> Reverse DNS entries and, as an added bonus, SPF and LOC would be nifty
> too.

I use gandi.net for .org/.com/.net and 123reg.co.uk for .uk (because  
Gandi don't do .uk for some reason).

Both of them are free. And both of them allow you to edit the Bind  
config. Yes it's in a text field - but I've never found anything I  
couldn't do. I added SPF records for mag-sol.com and dave.org.uk  
recently. dnsreport.com indicates that my domains are set up in pretty  
sane ways.

And like others have said, the reverse DNS needs to be handled by the  
owners of the IP address. 1and1 may be crap in many ways, but they do  
allow you to configure reverse DNS entries.



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