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Peter Corlett abuse at
Wed May 24 23:38:29 BST 2006

Andy Armstrong <andy at> wrote:
> Yup. Here you go. Please only use the BASIC rom image if you have a  
> real Beeb in the loft :)

Here's some other ROM images for you to play with:

You seem to have hardwired HIMEM in your emulator whereas it should arguably
change itself based on the kind of ROM loaded. When I hack your code to load
a "HiBasic 3" image and use the correct value of HIMEM, I get this:

mabuse at dopiaza:~/65Perl02$ ./

... which sure beats the 1900-7C00 I have on the real Beeb here.

Your 6502 emulator lacks a few instructions to get the BBC Master's BASIC
going though. Wish for a rainy bank holiday :)

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