Nodnol bound

Earle Martin perl at
Sun May 28 01:29:59 BST 2006

Simon Wistow wrote:
> As to where - that's the sort of question that starts holy wars. It
> depends on where you're working and how much you're looking to spend but
> Shephards Bush/Hammersmith, Finsbury Park/Holloway, Clapham,
> Walthamstow, Stoke Newington, Balham and Bermondsey aren't bad places to
> start looking.

And Leytonstone. Everybody forgets about us, but it's not so bad... the
Central Line is a big plus.

(We also have our requisite large share of Saffas, since that seems to be de
rigeur if the rest of this thread is to be trusted.)

Earle Martin

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