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Sun May 28 11:57:03 BST 2006

On Sun, 28 May 2006, Earle Martin wrote:

> And Leytonstone. Everybody forgets about us, but it's not so bad... the
> Central Line is a big plus.

To be fair, it's the main plus.  My sister bought a place out there a few
years back and was telling me how great it it despite being zone 195.2,
really quick to get into town... a good couple of weeks before something
went *ping* and put the central line out of action for weeks.  The
advantages of living either much more centrally (or at least on the right
side of town for your job), are that you're not reliant on a single
station/line to begin all your journeys (or at least the journey you make
twice a day).  Still, if we could all afford to live in the heart of
london, we'd not be talking about jobs.

the hatter

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