GTK howto

Dirk Koopman djk at
Tue May 30 19:42:55 BST 2006

It appears that I have to learn how to use GTK2 and perl. I have
reviewed the documentation and several of the examples. Sadly, after
several years successfully avoiding writing "graphical" programs I am
being forced to write one (bring back curses, all is forgiven).

What I have to do is relatively simple, it is a touch screen based app
running under X which has to be multi-lingual (may get translated into

It is essentially a column of buttons down the LHS and a text are on the
RHS which contains (non-scollable) screenfuls of headings and text
(think names and addresses, issues etc). 

The buttons are the head of a hierarchy of sub button menus and as a
button is pressed, the LHS has to be overwritten with the new (sub) menu
of buttons. This is to replace the usual gnome/windows menu arrangement
because the screens are small (800x600) and fingers are large.   

My problems:-

1. What is considered to be the "official" way of doing
internationalisation these days (UTF8 is a given).

2. Is there any decent tutorial out there that addresses both
internationalisation and pango et al with things like textview widgets? 

3. Are there any decent, extensive, tutorials on GTK2 and perl out there
either on line or in book form, over and above that available from the
Gtk2-perl website?


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