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Tue May 30 20:15:13 BST 2006

Dirk Koopman wrote:
> My problems:-
> 1. What is considered to be the "official" way of doing
> internationalisation these days (UTF8 is a given).

Gtk2 remains as neutral as possible to all that stuff so as not to force
anyone's hand.  So long as the input text is UTF-8, Gtk2 does not care.  Note
that you may experience problems with some versions of Locale or Encode not
setting the UTF-8 bit.

> 2. Is there any decent tutorial out there that addresses both
> internationalisation and pango et al with things like textview widgets?

The only one i know of is

I'd suggest not taking my word on that, though.

> 3. Are there any decent, extensive, tutorials on GTK2 and perl out there
> either on line or in book form, over and above that available from the
> Gtk2-perl website?

Gtk2 stays as close as possible to the C API so that simple API mapping rules
allow you to use any GTK+ documentation with Gtk2-Perl.  In fact, the
much-maligned Gtk2 manpages are as sparse as they are because they really only
document the places where the Perl API differs from the C API.  (This is to
avoid pointless duplication and inevitable drift of the documentation.)

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