[OT]: bash or any other $favourite{shell}? [was: Wish list]

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Sun Jun 11 18:23:27 BST 2006

Luis Motta Campos <monsieur_champs at yahoo.com.br> wrote:
> Chris Benson wrote:
>> 3/ run production instances of the o/s in a zone/UML/VMWare/... that
>> allows the global-zone/host o/s to access the childs data.
> This is quite interesting... do you have any URLs about this?

I'm not convinced you can peek inside of a Xen/UML/VMWare sandbox without
suitable server software running inside it.

With linux-vserver, the sandbox's files appear in
/var/lib/vserver/sandbox_name/ and can be easily manipulated. Solaris zones
and FreeBSD jails are similar, I understand.

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