[OT]: bash or any other $favourite{shell}? [was: Wish list]

paddy paddy at panici.net
Mon Jun 12 12:22:25 BST 2006

On Mon, Jun 12, 2006 at 11:47:08AM +0100, Dirk Koopman wrote:
> On Mon, 2006-06-12 at 10:05 +0100, paddy wrote:
> > Clustered fileystems and nbds, like drbd, also come to mind, but I can't
> > immediately imagine why choose them over the chroot-on-speed option, but 
> > it comes to mind in the context of either test or vm migration.
> > 
> Ah, glad you mentioned clustered file systems: what is the clustered
> file system du jour for Linux at the moment?

not my area, and I think it depends on what your are trying to do, but 
I'm vaguely aware of stuff like OCFS2, GFS, lustre ...

I think at least OCFS and GFS provide the kind of shared access that would 
provide the similar to nfs kind of simultaneous access that I was suggesting.
Of course, arguably they're just another form of network filesystem, but 
I wanted to mention lvm snapshots, and they came to mind too ;-)

I guess I'm also thinking about the contrast between a xen style system,
and a more hurd-like idea of distinct filesystem servers.  The question
being, why do we we view the "then you'd have to run nfs" as somehow
strange, and the answer likely being performance (and perhaps history).

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