[JOB] BBC Jam - Senior Perl Developer, White City, London

Alex Nunes alex.nunes at bbc.co.uk
Mon Jun 12 17:09:58 BST 2006

FYI ....

The official job advertisment:


The distilled version:

Apply by Monday 19th June. Pay scale - £30-45K pa. 2 year contract.

Looking for solid Perl people who are into their unit tests and agile 
methods. Technologies are LAMP, the usual XML suspects (XSLT, Schema, 
DOM), and, if you want to go that way, some server- and client-side Java. 
Project is cool and important for the next 5 years of UK primary/secondary 
education (see http://jam.bbc.co.uk - alas, Windows/Mac only).


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