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On 16/06/06, Aaron Trevena <aaron.trevena at> wrote:
> On 16/06/06, Dave Cross <dave at> wrote:
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> > This sounds slightly bizarre, but I'm pretty sure it's genuine.
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> > I've just had someone from Newsnight on the phone. They're doing a
> > piece tonight about Bill Gates stepping back from Microsoft and they
> > want someone from the Linux world to "slag off Microsoft a bit".
> >
> > I'd consider it myself, but it doesn't sound particularly positive and
> > anyway I'm too busy. But if anyone's interested then drop me an email
> > offlist with your phone number before he calls me back in half an hour.
> Yes, it's a shame that they just want some vitriol rather than ever
> having bothered to cover the anti-trust case and the many nasty things
> microsoft have done.
> A.
Surely a couple of quick posts on slashdot would trawl up the most
vociferous anti-ms rubbish. There are those of us who are without
quite that much anger, and realise that it really wont be helping us.
IMHO - slagging off MS is far less effective than actually
contributing to FOSS- for example coding something new and
interesting, fixing bugs, supporting or writing documentation (sorry I
said the D word) for existing projects.

Anyway - before anyone gets too excited about Bill Gates drifting
away, that may actually mean that there is one less person holding
Steve Balmer back, who was always that much more unpleasant. Although
- Balmer has provided (unwillingly) some comic relief too..

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