Planet LPM

Simon Wistow simon at
Fri Jun 30 10:12:52 BST 2006

I was asked and so I have complied and installed Plagger on so we can have a aggregation of those 'blogs' the 
kids are so excited about.

You can view it here

So far I've only added Dave Cross and Leon because, well, it took nigh 
on 12 hours of occasional prodding to get Plagger installed and so I 
can't be bothered to do any more work. If you want your 'blog' added 
then mail me off list or msg me on irc.

If somebody wants to create a nice theme then feel free. If there's any 
other features people wnat then ask nicely and I might implement them. 
Bonus points for telling me exactly how to set it up.

As an aside the Plagger website is horrible. The front page doesn't even 
tell you what Plagger is and the QuickStart and HowTo are awful.

Having said that I downloaded the example planet.yaml and changed the 
obvious bits and had what you see before you running in about 5 minutes. 
So I suppose that's something.


X-Gleitschirmfliegen: macht Spaaaasss!

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