Planet LPM

Dave Cross dave at
Fri Jun 30 10:41:09 BST 2006

Quoting Simon Wistow <simon at>:

> I was asked and so I have complied and installed Plagger on
> so we can have a aggregation of those 'blogs' the
> kids are so excited about.
> You can view it here

Very cool. Excellent idea.

> As an aside the Plagger website is horrible. The front page doesn't even
> tell you what Plagger is and the QuickStart and HowTo are awful.
> Having said that I downloaded the example planet.yaml and changed the
> obvious bits and had what you see before you running in about 5 minutes.
> So I suppose that's something.

Sounds like you went through exactly the same pain as I did when  
setting up And it wasn't much better last night  
when I upgraded to the latest version of Plagger.

Documentation is a big issue here. I got some hints by reading the  
slides from Miyagawa's YAPC::NA talk[1]. And he's giving another talk  
(or another version of the same talk) at YAPC::Europe[2].

I'm sure that documentation volunteers would be welcomed by the project.



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