the "no good Perl jobs"/"no good Perl programmers" myth

Uri Guttman uri at
Mon Aug 7 15:36:29 BST 2006

>>>>> "PS" == Pete Sergeant <pete at> writes:

  PS> It seems that people put Perl on their CV in much the same way as
  PS> people put Javascript on their CV - they once had some interaction
  PS> with it, consider it exceptionally similar to previous
  PS> technologies they've used and thus consider themselves to be
  PS> experts.

that is the buzzword matching thing. i ran into that in a bizarre way
once. i once worked at a place doing various different perl projects
including some basic munging (not writing, simple text munging without
deep parsing) of verilog files (chip logic spec lang). so i wrote that
on my resume as it was an accurate statement of one of the things i
did. i would get bombarded with verilog verification jobs (monkey work
if there ever is such a thing) from buzzword matching headhunters.
obviously none of them read the actual resume since i DIDN'T CLAIM
VERILOG IN MY SKILL SET. i had to remove verilog that experience entry
to get them to stop.

this is why i expect to succeed in the perl hunting biz i am starting. i
won't buzzword match and i expect to learn the real perl skills of the
applicants and the real needs and skills of the shops. almost all agents
and hr monkeys can't even understand any of the stuff on a resume, let
alone actually analyze and properly match people and slots. so the rely
on buzzwords and that make the whole process suck.


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