the "no good Perl jobs"/"no good Perl programmers" myth

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> > Because a lot of employers seem to believe that universities are  
> > there to
> > provide pretrained staff. Hence they tend to migrate to Java,  
> > because that's
> > what the universities use as a teaching language.
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> Anybody else old enough to remember when the same sort of thing  
> happened with Pascal?


Pascal was the "teaching language". But if you wanted to work on interesting projects and be taken seroiusly, you learned C - they didn't lecture you in C, you were expected to buy a copy of K&R and teach yourself C.

We did cover several other languages: Macro-11 assembler, Lisp, Ada, OCCAM, Snobol, APL. This was together with the functional languages SASL and Miranda, lectured by Simon Peyton-Jones.

I'm talking about 1982 - 1985.

I've since used Pascal once - at LIFFE in 2001/2


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