Inverse Binary Rock-Suck Entanglement (the "no good Perl jobs"/"text editors" myth)

Peter Hickman peter.hickman at
Tue Aug 8 14:02:35 BST 2006

Sue Spence wrote:
> Likewise for all A vs B arguments. I agree that a good, sound rant can 
> be entertaining, but I don't really care to work with religious types 
> of any description. Even if their religion accords with my personal 
> views on the topic.

It is good however to see if people have an option on something. It is 
quite worrying when you get a blank look, it probably means that you 
have a 9 to 5er or that they know a lot less than they think. Being a 
programmer is much much more than just writing code. It tends to be a 
way of thinking, talking even. I have used the word 'blank' for 'empty' 
far too often and yesterday I 'initialised' a barometer.

You also don't want is someone who is obsessive / evangelical about 
something like editors.

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