The Newly Inaugurated "Most In Need of Positivity" Award

Ian Malpass ian at
Tue Aug 8 22:33:08 BST 2006

Peter Corlett wrote:
> On 8 Aug 2006, at 22:08, David Dorward wrote:
> [...]
>> No, just terrorist action and a human rights violation. Demand
>> justice, jam the radio on Radio 2 or Radio 4.
> Well, it seems to have been switched to Radio 2 recently, but as far as 
> I can tell, it plays much the same awful crap as every other payola 
> radio station, complete with inane presenters, phone-ins with nutters 
> calling, and adverts every fifteen minutes. It's certainly not the Radio 
> 2 with a varied and interesting playlist that I remember from a few 
> years ago.
> I generally *try* to listen to Radio 4 or the World Service over it, but 
> the booming bass of the office radio often overpowers my headphones.
> It appears that some people think it's a disco, not an office where 
> complex thought is required. And that's why my productivity is within 
> epsilon of zero in there...

How about a carefully positioned and concealed FM broadcasting widget? I 
realise they're currently illegal in the UK, but so is beating your 
cow-orkers to death with a transistor radio.

Handy homebrew weekend project for you. Extra points if you can connect 
to it wirelessly and tell it what to play. More extra points if you 
record a few hours of Radio (1|2|whatever) and then tack on a fake 
Public Service Announcement to the end and play that back.


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