Noise cancelling headphones - Re: The Newly Inaugurated "Most In Need of Positivity" Award

danny staple danny at
Fri Aug 11 17:15:19 BST 2006

On 11/08/06, andrew Black <andrew-li at> wrote:
> danny staple wrote:
> > Simple solution, buy some really decent noise cancelling headphones,
> > and listen to whatever you like on a computer or music player device,
> > turned up so you cant hear the radio.
> Do they work - or rather more specifically does anyone have
> recommendations for ones that work.
> I tried some cheapo ones and to be honest think the feature was cosmetic.
Now I am sure we all know what happens why you buy the cheapo versions
of manufactured goods. Fork out a bit, for the big fat ones, with
rubber rims (like accoustic couplers for your ears).

I recently found, one way to disperse local chav kids, or get them to
turn off fat car stereo's in the street, is to blast out classical
baroche as loud as my speakers will handle. I am more of a fan of
other styles, although I can deal with classical, however, the chavs
really do go away. Then I go back to listening to soma fm.

Maybe such tactics might work in the office...
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