Music To Code To (was "Most In Need of Positivity" Award)

Dan Sully daniel at
Sun Aug 13 01:22:11 BST 2006

* Andy Wardley shaped the electrons to say...

> > with our SlimServer from
> Oooh!  Shiny!
> SlimServer++ for being Open Source
> SlimServer++ for being written in Perl
> SlimServer++ for using CPAN Perl modules
> SlimServer++ for using TT generated web interface
> SlimServer-- for including *all* 19MB of the CPAN modules it uses
> I can understand them bundling everything for people who want a
> one-click install and don't know (or care) anything about Perl.

Yep - we need to do this for Win/Mac platforms. Debian/Ubuntu probably has
the best packaging right now in *nix land - as we have an APT repo up with
all the dependencies one needs (since many of the modules aren't in stale or
unstale yet).

> But I would have thought it was safe to assume that someone downloading
> the Perl source would know how to use CPAN or could follow a simple
> 'install Bundle::SlimServer' instruction.

Unfortunately not. Many of our users are brand new to *nix, and haven't a
clue of what to do. The endless number of Linux distributions out there
(especially those with broken perl/modules such as FC), make it even harder.

I wouldn't want to foist configuring CPAN on these people in addition to the
learning curve they've already put themselves in.

> Anyway, that's small cheese.  It looks like it does the job, it's well
> written and it's free in both senses!


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