Perl Vacancy

Greg McCarroll greg at
Mon Aug 14 17:25:19 BST 2006

On 14 Aug 2006, at 16:55, Peter Corlett wrote:
> So how do you propose people should criticise or comment on job  
> requirements they perceive as negative? Fawning praise?

i'd suggest, not using a comedic device and also giving some  

> Now either the comments in the job description was jokey in which  
> case a joke should be expected in return, or the employer really  
> wanted that in which case they should be ridiculed anyway.

imho, and i realise this is subjective, i read it as two very  
different types of humour,
one was a tongue in cheek fun approach and the other i felt was a  
little more cutting.

normally i would have shrugged my shoulders but perl jobs has been a  
hot topic recently,
and i'd like to see the solution to the problem that has been raised  
on this list start
on this list.


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