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Tue Aug 15 12:17:15 BST 2006

On 15/8/06 12:03, "David Cantrell" <david at> wrote:

> Instead of doing a pub crawl of architecturally interesting pubs, I've
> changed my mind (partly because some of the nicer places are closed on
> Sundays) and am going to do a pub crawl of Greenwich, with a break in
> the middle to visit the observatory.
> Pub recommendations please, as that's an area I don't know too well.

Gypsy Moth near the Maritime Greenwich DLR stop is the best place to start.
Due to the closing of the walkway be hide the uni, you should then stop at
the Admiral Hardy on the one-way system.  Next walk down the river to the
Trafalgar it is on the Thames next to the naval academy (great mushy peas if
your cheating and eating).  Your fourth stop should be 1 door down but I
can't be asked to remember the name pub.  When done there keep walking down
the river to the Cutty Sark (pub not ship) and order the cider they have on
tab, this has become my local since moving to Greenwich.

I hope that will help get you started.  Maybe finished if you fancy the
cider like I do.

Enjoy it!


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