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Jonathan Stowe jns at
Wed Aug 16 12:43:02 BST 2006

On Wed, 2006-08-16 at 09:47, Nicholas Clark wrote:
>  What's wrong with and its associated list?

personally I don't think there is anything wrong with and
I always point recruiters who are trying to pimp a Perl job to me at it,
but the feedback I got from the guy who I forwarded some stuff for
recently was that he got a better response from here than he did from
jobs.perl.  I think there are a few reasons for this, firstly I guess
due to the relative geographic specificness of this list (ignoring of
course the furriners behind the curtain), the chances are that you
aren't going to get quite as many skript kiddies from kirzhigistan
applying on the off chance that an employer will sponsor a working visa,
and secondly, and I think it was Mr Cantrell that suggested this, that
most of the audience of jobs.perl are people who are either currently
"resting between jobs" or otherwise actively looking to change their
current job, whereas the readers of this list probably have a different
profile on the whole: there are going to be people who aren't actively
looking for work who are going to go "Oooooh that sounds just up my
street" and knowing it really is within their skill set, thus getting a
better ratio of high quality applicants - of course that could be crap.


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