Bug in URI ?!

Dominic Mitchell dom at happygiraffe.net
Wed Aug 16 22:01:43 BST 2006

Matt Sergeant wrote:
> On 16-Aug-06, at 3:44 AM, Dominic Mitchell wrote:
>> Once again, this highlights how poor our tools our...  If templating 
>> systems did HTML escaping by default, this wouldn't be an issue (i.e. 
>> having to remember to html encode all strings that could possibly 
>> contain user input).  When will our frameworks grow up?
> Speak for yourself. When will the framework you use grow up?
> /me goes back to hacking on AxKit2.

I use HTML::Mason, which does do exactly this.  Although you still have 
to configure it to do the right thing, which sucks.

Good luck with AxKit2, BTW.  I had a lot of fun with AxKit 1.6 before 
our company decided to move off it.  :-(


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