AxKit2 [was Re: Bug in URI ?!]

Matt Sergeant msergeant at
Wed Aug 16 22:26:48 BST 2006

On 16-Aug-06, at 5:01 PM, Dominic Mitchell wrote:

> Good luck with AxKit2, BTW.  I had a lot of fun with AxKit 1.6  
> before our company decided to move off it.  :-(

Thanks. For intrepid london.pmers I've put up a download here:

It's totally different from AxKit1 - no mod_perl required, built in  
httpd (using epoll/kqueue), and a lot easier to get setup and started  
with as a result.

It'll have lots of bugs, but I've been running my gallery off it for  
a week now with no real problems.


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