Creeping ever closer

candace candace at
Wed Aug 23 11:26:46 BST 2006

On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Sue Spence wrote:

> Years ago I obtained a similar visa at the consulate in LA. Nice plush place 
> on Wilshire Blvd.  When I went to Cr*yd*n to obtain Indefinite Leave to 
> Remain, the contrast could not have been more stark. I suspect there may have 
> been some redecorating done at the Home Office premises there since that 
> time. I hope so, at any rate - what a shithole.

I was there about 2 years ago. It wasn't too bad -- seemed fairly clean 
and modern.  But depressing? Yes.  It's the bloody immigrations department 
of the Home Office and a great huge waiting room at that. And in Croydon!
But otherwise...nothing exceptional.

Consulates do more than immigrant meet and greet.  They do diplomatic 
things, too, right?  The day they start bringing ambassadors for tea and 
cakes in Lunar House in Croydon is the day you'll start seeing plush.

Anyway, I go to this very place the day after tomorrow for the same 
reason: ILTR. I will do a better recon this time, though I hope to never 
have to go back there again after that.


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