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Sue Spence virtualsue at
Wed Aug 23 12:08:51 BST 2006

candace wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Sue Spence wrote:
>> Years ago I obtained a similar visa at the consulate in LA. Nice plush 
>> place on Wilshire Blvd.  When I went to Cr*yd*n to obtain Indefinite 
>> Leave to Remain, the contrast could not have been more stark. I 
>> suspect there may have been some redecorating done at the Home Office 
>> premises there since that time. I hope so, at any rate - what a shithole.
> I was there about 2 years ago. It wasn't too bad -- seemed fairly clean 
> and modern.  But depressing? Yes.  It's the bloody immigrations 
> department of the Home Office and a great huge waiting room at that. And 
> in Croydon!
> But otherwise...nothing exceptional.

It has been done up since I was there, in that case.  When I went there, 
the walls & floors (esp the floors) were filthy and there weren't nearly 
enough of the grimy plastic chairs to go around. This matters a little 
if you are going to be required to be there for many hours.

> Consulates do more than immigrant meet and greet.  They do diplomatic 
> things, too, right?  The day they start bringing ambassadors for tea and 
> cakes in Lunar House in Croydon is the day you'll start seeing plush.

I didn't really want or expect plush. All I said was that there was a 
stark contrast, and there was. It not having been quite as disgusting 
would have been just fine. :)

> Anyway, I go to this very place the day after tomorrow for the same 
> reason: ILTR. I will do a better recon this time, though I hope to never 
> have to go back there again after that.

Happily, I only went the one time.

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